Get a clear view on what really matters.

FlipViewTM combines sophisticated survey technology, visually stunning dashboard reporting, and simple project management tools to help organisations better plan for the future.

Get a clear view on what really matters

Save Time

Are you short of time or lack the resource to manage the strategic planning or risk assessment processes in your organisation?


Streamline and automate the information-gathering process.

Key reports are automatically generated.

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Reach Consensus

Are you struggling to get a complete view on the things that really matter?


Ensure every voice gets heard.

Use the workshop tool to reach consensus.

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Drive Results

Are you struggling to effect the desired change in your organisation?


Automatically track progress on key actions via Gantt charts.

Receive curated media feeds on key risks and opportunities.

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Andrew Sharp

CEO - Bobux International Ltd

How FlipviewTM helped us achieve our goals


  • Andrew Sharp

    CEO - Bobux International Ltd

    For any company growing quickly I would highly recommend FlipView to get a handle on your environment. And if you aren't growing fast, you might need this even more!

  • Huia Burt

    Programme Director

    From Electric Kiwi's perspective, the tool helped to confirm our strategic plans and gave us confidence we've prioritised business activities appropriately to address both risks and opportunities.

  • Kevin Jenkins

    Managing Director

    Risk management as a discipline needs a shakeup. It's been stuck using the same approaches and tools for a long time. Many of these have been found wanting when crises have hit.

  • Andrew Joyce


    Our conversion to the FlipView really set the tone around not only the biggest risks that we face, but has also helped crystalise the many opportunities we face for growth through the use of clear dashboards. FlipView is much more than just a 'risk' tool. It is a vibrant and clever piece of software that actively assists with strategic planning and direction.

  • Brian Cadzow

    Executive Director

    FlipView has provided us with a fantastic database to build our risk reporting on along with a process which in the future will be used to regularly update the data in a structured way.

  • Grant Taylor


    FlipView has played a key role in reaching consensus around our key risks and opportunities and helped us to rise above the details (and see the wood from the trees).

  • Kevin Kanji

    CISO (TSG)

    FlipView offers a really nice and straightforward mechanism to translate our strategy (including the internal and external risk factors to achieving it) to a format that our board and management team can both understand.

How It Works

FlipViewTM provides you with a view of your organisation that is unique and insightful. Through a series of simple short surveys, the tool streamlines and automates the information gathering. It aggregates and evaluates and allows you to quickly reach consensus on what really matters.

The tool then pipes the information into a dashboard and a project management module to help ensure whatever actions have come out of the strategic planning and risk assessment process are implemented. You are in control of the survey process - meaning at the click of a button you can update user details, reassign surveys, and re-run the survey process.

Save Time

Once a calibration survey is completed, surveys can be run or risks, opportunities, strengths, weaknesses and associated actions (SWORA). Information is automatically aggregated into top risks/opportunities, SWOT reports and spider charts by functional area with detailed drill-downs. In addition to the SWORA reports above, engagement surveys, systems surveys and strategy execution risk surveys can also be conducted. Surveys can easily be allocated, re-assigned and or re-run. Information is aggregated in the background. Survey owners can easily add or modify any of the data (they have their own dashboards, with clear accountability).

Reach Consensus

Once the surveys are completed, they are submitted for review (via the workshop module). The workshop module aggregates all of the various surveys under risks, opportunities, strengths and weaknesses. Actions are also summarised. Generally, a leadership team will come together and conduct a line by line review, adding, deleting or modifying the content. On publishing, the surveys, summary reports, drill down reports, and main dashboard is automatically updated. The actions and Gantt Chart are also published. Prior dashboards/ periods can easily be compared.

Drive Results

Once the dashboard is published, any actions associated with strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks are automatically fed into a Gantt Chart. Individual actions can be broken down to their component tasks and tracked separately. Email notifications are sent as and when actions are due.

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