Get a 360 degree of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, risks and actions (SWORA). Drill down by area or run a summary report. Summary reports can be run on top risks, opportunities, competitors, dependencies, SWOT and TOWs reports. Scenarios can be run through aligning strengths and opportunities, or weaknesses and threats.

Design and run pulse surveys on systems, employee engagement or key risks around strategy execution. Customise and view your dashboard at an entity level or at a consolidated level. Easily compare changes between periods. Flip each of the charts to get a new perspective.


Actions designed to fix a weakness, mitigate a risk or enhance a strength or opportunity are tracked with email notifications to ensure that the outcomes of workshops are managed. As individual tasks are completed, actions are automatically closed. All associated reports are automatically updated.

Media Feeds

Select from a variety of some of the world's best publications and receive curated feeds on key risk or opportunity indicators. *Note that for periodicals that have paywalls, only the header information is available.